Easily share boss strategies with Boss Blueprint

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|01.19.11

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Easily share boss strategies with Boss Blueprint
We're always on the lookout for awesome web tools and utilities that can help raiding groups with everything from determining raid buffs to the strength of your raid group itself. Now, you can plan strategies and easily share them with Boss Blueprint!

The interface is simple, and it has preset room images for each and every raid boss in Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, and Blackwing Descent. You can add any raid markers, directional arrows to indicate movement, and raid roles onto the map to show where people should stand. Boss Blueprint could make a really great tool when you're explaining a fight to your raid and need a visual aid.

Blizzard has come a long way with its own raid interface with the new raid markers, new tools for raiders like role checks, and beefed-up raid unit frames that look more and more like those of a lot of addons out there. Boss Blueprint looks like it could be a great corollary to the built-in tools, as the images you create are easily sharable just by clicking the generated link.

Check out Boss Blueprint at its website here.

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