Eye of the Storm rated battlegrounds video with commentary

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Work warning: NSFW language in video commentary.

I originally wrote an article to go with this video. If you have some time, check out my Eye of the Storm rated battleground strategy article.

After our last video, I got a special request for Eye of the Storm, as it seems there are many different kinds of strategies going around with this particular battleground. So for our second episode of rated battleground videos, I'm bringing you an Eye of the Storm, complete with Ventrilo audio (NSFW language). The audio is quite humorous at times (16:10, I'm looking at you) -- just make sure you're not around small children or your boss.

This is one of the first rated battlegrounds I've done as a human;- I recently realm transferred to Kel'Thuzad and faction-changed to Alliance. In this video, I only have 1,200 resilience and 240 battleground rating. I apologize for my somewhat robotic-sounding voice; I'm going to look at investing in a higher quality microphone some time in the near future.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the video; we were all very surprised with how it ended (as you can tell from the audio).


Immediately before this battleground, we had two back-to-back Eye of the Storms (this was our third in a row). We used the 2v2 Dedicated Defense strategy in the two games before this one (the strategy I feel is the worst of the above six -- I was not the battleground leader).

In the first game, using the 2v2 Dedicated Defense strategy, we won somewhat narrowly (1,600 to 1,300), although we were ahead for the vast majority of the game. The other team was using the same 2v2 Dedicated Defense strategy. In the second game, we got absolutely destroyed (1,600 to ~200) by a team using a 3v1 Rotating Defense with no flag cap strategy.

In this video, we used primarily a 3v1 Dedicated Defense with Flag Cap strategy. I say "primarily" because at points, we played like a 3v1 Rotating Defense. Our rotations at times were very poorly communicated, although we still managed to come out ahead. The opposing team was using a 3v1 Dedicated Defense with Flag Cap strategy (slightly inferior to our own as we had used some rotations).


  • I've gotten much more friendly with Soulburn. We're basically best buds now. I've been using it in conjunction with Soul Fire, Demonic Circle: Teleport, and Drain Life -- it's a really sweet mechanic. I also send out a good number of instant Shadow Bolts in this video (I'm getting used to built-in power auras).

  • Soul Swap might be my favorite affliction spell of all time. However, at the time of this video, I thought Soul Swap was a terrible spell because I didn't know about the glyph. I don't think I cast it a single time in this entire video.

  • There is a Soul Link bug with mounting/dismounting in battlegrounds at the moment. Soul Link doesn't reappear after dismounting. This is pretty unfortunate, but I have no doubts it'll be corrected soon enough.

  • I run into Ring of Frost a few times. I didn't really understand how the spell worked at the time (I was only 85 for four days at that point). Oops.

Would you like another Vent recording or commentary for the next video I do? Please let me know in the comments below!

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