War of Legends celebrating first anniversary with lots of cake

It's time for a War of Legends-style birthday party and you're invited (you'll also be the one getting the presents, in case you were wondering). Jagex's browser-based MMORTS is celebrating its first anniversary by giving away a limited edition in-game item and hosting various parties and community events.

Each War of Legends player will receive a birthday cake that includes several items that speed up construction, assist in resource gathering, and equip your armies. You can also find more birthday cakes (filled with random reward items) in the wilderness over the next week, and there is no limit to the number you can acquire. Finally, the Jagex team is hosting a series of land-grab events as well as high level sub-cities waiting to be invaded and plundered for their valuable resources.

War of Legends is free-to-play, and Jagex executive Oliver Kern says this isn't just a marketing term. "A number of our high reputation players have never spent a dollar and are still with us today, leading our biggest and best alliances. In War of Legends free-to-play really means free-to-play," he said.