Sony Reader app finally available for Android, only works with 2.2 and higher

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|01.21.11

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Sony Reader app finally available for Android, only works with 2.2 and higher
Well, it's about time! We knew Sony was prepping some Reader apps to go along with its physical Pocket, Daily, and Touch Edition e-readers, and while it may have missed that December release date, the Android version of the app is now available in the Market. The free app is pretty much what you'd expect -- you can log in with your username and it automatically syncs previously purchased books, and like the e-readers, it also supports ePub and PDF formats. In addition, you can easily highlight text and adjust font and brightness settings right from the page you're reading. We downloaded the app and found it to be pretty decent, however, the Store shortcut launches within the browser rather than in the app. Ready for the twisted part? Sony has confirmed for us that the app will only work with handsets that run Android 2.2 and higher, which is incredibly ironic considering most Sony Ericsson handsets are, you know, still stuck with 2.1. Of course, it looks like that PlayStation Phone will work just fine when it's finally released, but that's neither here nor there -- hit the gallery for a pile of screenshots of the app.

Updated: Sony just let us know that the iOS version is still pending Apple's approval, but it should be available soon.
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