BoinxTV Home out tomorrow on the Mac App Store

Brett Terpstra
B. Terpstra|01.27.11

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BoinxTV Home out tomorrow on the Mac App Store

Mike Schramm and I just spoke with Oliver Breidenbach from Boinx, and we're pretty excited to hear about a new Mac App Store release (tomorrow) of a new version of BoinxTV: BoinxTV Home. It's a consumer-level version of the live-broadcast software with a lower price point and distribution through the Mac App Store.

We've covered BoinxTV on TUAW a few times, and it's great to see a more affordable version coming to the masses. In contrast to its US$299-$499 older sibling, BoinxTV Home will be $49.99, and it's geared more toward YouTube than broadcast applications. It only works with one camera, but still accepts all video inputs from other applications, so there are plenty of possibilities. It also caps out at 15 layers, but that's more than enough for the average "home" user. Overall, it sounds to us like a good move and will bring BoinxTV to a larger group who could really make use of it's impressive capabilities.

Oliver will be demoing the new version for us tomorrow, so tune in to the TUAW live stream at 11:30 PST tomorrow to see it!

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