Microsoft posts Cloud Services SDK preview for Windows Phone 7

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.29.11

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Microsoft posts Cloud Services SDK preview for Windows Phone 7
Tying into its cloud computing initiatives from the past couple of years, Microsoft has released a preview version of its Cloud Services SDK for Windows Phone 7 with the goal of enabling devs to tap into online computation, storage, notification, and security capabilities exposed by some of the other cloud projects that Redmond's already working on. The main thrust of this seems to be Project Hawaii, which is being spearheaded by Microsoft Research to build cool and interesting mobile-focused stuff that rests atop the company's cloud services. The first two of those services are called Relay and Rendezvous; the former enabled phone-to-phone communication to the cloud without the need for static IP addresses, while the latter is some sort of aliasing system for assigning human-readable names to cloud service clients, which really sounds like a generalized form of Relay. Clearly, it's going to be a while before commercial products are built on this SDK, but it's an interesting space to keep an eye on in the meantime.
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