HTC Desire HD is officially 'coming soon' to Telus

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.01.11

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HTC Desire HD is officially 'coming soon' to Telus
Hints of the Desire HD's emergence on Canada's Telus have been ongoing for some time -- and now that the same phone has been announced on AT&T as the Inspire 4G, it's all coming together since both networks use 850 and 1900MHz for their HSPA+ airwaves. Indeed, Telus now has an official "coming soon" page live where you can see the device for yourself (as if you didn't know what it looked like) and get a handy-dandy feature breakdown, though we still don't have a solid lead on pricing or a launch date... so let the incessant page refreshing begin.

[Thanks, Alexandre]

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