Painkiller: Redemption mod turned into full game by JoWood

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Painkiller: Redemption mod turned into full game by JoWood
Much like its evil-staking protagonist, the Painkiller franchise seems virtually incapable of succumbing to death. JoWood Entertainment has announced a new installment in the franchise, titled Painkiller: Redemption -- a third-party mod for the original game which the developer has elected to turn into a fully-fledged game, due out on various digital distribution platforms later this month.

The press release announcing the title mentions a few new features, including the ability to play as either Painkiller hero Daniel Garner or Painkiller: Overdose's Belial. Players will also square off against "Over 6,000 enemies," which we really don't foresee being much of a problem, as long as we're provided 6,000 stakes throughout the course of the campaign.
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