Night of Murder brings holiday butchering to Warhammer Online

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.09.11

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Night of Murder brings holiday butchering to Warhammer Online
It's hard to deny that Warhammer Online takes place in the most metal universe anywhere. That becomes especially clear during the Valentine's Day event in the game, which features absolutely no affection between characters but a great deal of rampaging bloodlust. The Night of Murder event is upon players once again, giving everyone an in-game opportunity to completely bypass the usual plethora of chocolates and cards in favor of battleaxes and bloody vengeance.

Running from February 8th until the 22nd, the event is a celebration of Khaine, during which even the forces of Order wind up drifting close to the chaotic side. Players taking part can net a variety of rewards, including the quite desirable Butcher's Blessing buff, which increases both Experience and Renown gains by 10% for three in-game days. Hop in now to enjoy Warhammer Online's senseless slaughter, which includes nearly as many hearts as the usual take on the celebration (except that the usual holiday involves those hearts remaining within the ribcage).
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