BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Verizon too?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.09.11

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BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Verizon too?
News that the PlayBook would be at least initially available only on Sprint surely elicited some mixed reactions -- hooray for WiMAX but locking your tablet to a single carrier is never any fun. Now Skatter Tech has uncovered a curious page that previously allowed people to join a sort of early-access program for a PlayBook on VZW. The page certainly looks official enough, and the ownership of the site -- a marketing agency that works for both RIM and Verizon -- also makes a compelling case. Of course, it could just be a fantasy dreamed up by this agency of its two clients working together, but we'll go ahead and hold out hope for a provider-agnostic PlayBook -- maybe even one with LTE.
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