An in-depth look at World of Warcraft action figures series 8

Kelly Aarons
K. Aarons|02.14.11

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Some video footage of the new DC Unlimited's series 8 of the World of Warcraft action figures has surfaced, thanks to Toy Fair 2011 and Kotaku. This video shows not only series 8, but series 7 and the premium series 3 and 4. This is all a great extension of the last time we took a look at these figures. To recap, series 7 features:
  • Human paladin Judge Malthred
  • Orc rogue Garona Halforcen
  • Worgen spy Garm Whitefang
Series 8 includes:
  • Gnome rogue Brink Spannercrank
  • Kobold miner Snaggle
  • Forsaken priestess Confessor Dhalia
  • The Black Knight
Premium series 3 features: Finally, the newest premium series 4 includes:
I am personally very excited about these figures. I preordered my very own Headless Horseman and Worgen Spy at BlizzCon 2010, and should be receiving both around June or July. Considering I own many of the figures myself, they are a must-have for any World of Warcraft fan. The quality of the figures are superb, and unless you're picking up one of the premiums, the price is usually around the twenty dollar mark (depending on where you purchase them from).

You can find out more information and find out how to find some of your own at the DC Unlimited website. It can direct you to stores in your area that carry the figures, and soon you'll be starting your own collection.
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