LeapFrog's LeapPad Explorer tablet looks a little more durable than your iPad

LeapFrog's LeapPad Explorer tablet looks a little more durable than your iPad

Kids of all ages love tablets, but not every tablet is suitable for fingers covered in peanut butter and jelly. We're thinking the latest from LeapFrog would handle that situation without complaint and, with its chunky construction, should make it home undamaged after show and tell. It's the LeapPad Explorer, shipping this summer, a 5-inch color tablet will let kids draw, play games, and of course learn all about reading, writing, and arithmetic. There's also a built-in camera and, while we're guessing FaceTime support isn't likely to be coming in a future update, there is an animation studio app that will let kids have fun with whatever video they record. It's all enough to make one very jealous of Junior, and an MSRP of $99.99 doesn't even sound that bad.

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LeapFrog Announces LeapPad Explorer™, a New Breakthrough Learning Tablet Built Just for Kids

LeapFrog creates the future of learning...again

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF), today announced LeapPad Explorer™, a multifunctional learning tablet that ushers in the next generation of learning, digital reading and personal creativity for children ages four and up, available beginning summer 2011 in global English markets. LeapPad Explorer builds off the success of 2010's Educational Toy of The Year Award winner, Leapster Explorer™, and is designed to change the way kids learn and play.

LeapPad Explorer is just like an adult tablet, but with endless fun experiences for kids, housed in a durable package. The new device combines the latest technology, educational curricula, and entertainment properties.

"LeapFrog created the first interactive learning experience with our original iconic LeapPad® Learning System in 1998. After 10 years of research into the most proficient ways for children to learn, we are doing it again with LeapPad Explorer," said Craig Hendrickson, senior vice president and chief product officer for LeapFrog. "LeapPad Explorer is a multifunctional learning tablet that can ignite children's imaginations and learning, but also handle a little rough and tumble play. This will be the must-have gift for all eager learners."

LeapFrog brings to the table (or the back seat) what parents seek and kids crave:

Breadth of Learning: The largest-ever learning library at launch: 100+ learning games, videos, e-Books, flash cards, and more, featuring kid's favorite characters. Compatible with the entire existing Leapster Explorer library.

Education: Curriculum covers everything from spelling, phonics skills and mathematics to creativity, science, music, geography, and more. Included stylus also lets kids practice writing.

Creativity: The first kids tablet with built-in camera, video recorder, microphone, and animation studio allows for creative exploration that can be shared with family and friends.

Personalization: Automatically adjusts the learning across experiences so kids can learn at their own pace.

Engagement: Tilt-sensor for game control and 5" brilliant color, finger-touch screen create an interactive experience that puts kids in the middle of the action.

Durability: Though sleek and thin, LeapPad Explorer can withstand roughhousing and is designed for little hands.

Taking Learning and Creativity to the Next Level

As with all LeapFrog reading experiences, LeapPad Explorer can help kids learn vocabulary, phonics skills, and improve reading comprehension, but it also features interactive elements such as embedded games and animated stories to make reading even more fun.

LeapPad Explorer inspires curious minds to imagine more, with a complete suite of innovative creativity tools featuring the camera, video recorder, and microphone that let children express themselves and share their unique creations with family and friends.

Kids can have fun building a strong learning foundation with phonics skills, mathematics, and spelling, and then take learning beyond the basics to geography, world languages, music, creativity, science, and life skills such as brushing their teeth. As children embark on new learning adventures, they also can practice their writing skills with step-by-step instructions and a child-sized stylus.

Following the Learning® Path

With all LeapFrog products including LeapPad Explorer, parents can tune into their child's progress and track achievements with the LeapFrog Learning Path. Parents receive regular e-mail updates so they can share their child's accomplishments, gain insight into where their child may need additional support, and find new ideas for even more learning fun.


Available beginning summer 2011, LeapPad Explorer will be sold at MSRP $99.99, with downloadable applications priced at MSRP $7.50 and up and game cartridges at

MSRP $24.99. The LeapPad Explorer will be available at* and at major retailers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Korea and Thailand.

*Purchases at are available only in the U.S. and Canada.

About LeapFrog

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative, technology-based educational products that make learning fun. LeapFrog's award-winning mobile gaming, reading and toy product portfolio includes the popular Leapster Explorer Learning Game System and Tag™ Reading System. More than 120 million LeapFrog educational platforms, books and games have been enjoyed by children worldwide, and our multisensory technology has been used by teachers in more than 100,000 U.S. classrooms. Since 2008 LeapFrog's proprietary online Learning Path, which provides personalized feedback to parents about what children are learning as they play, has incorporated LeapFrog products; for children, LeapFrog provides an online personalized play experience through LeapWorld.

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