EverQuest launches second progression server due to popular demand

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.16.11

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EverQuest launches second progression server due to popular demand
Everyone's talking about the new progression server that launched yesterday in EverQuest -- and it seems that so many people are trying to play on it that they've outstripped its capacity. Players have reported that Fippy Darkpaw, a special server that's rolling out EQ's expansions at a measured pace, has been crushed by the crowds trying to log in.

As a result, Sony Online Entertainment decided to create a second time-locked progression server named after the game's infamous dragon Vulak'Aerr. According to the company, the server went online today. This should help relieve the stress on poor ol' Fippy. If you're curious about what a progression server entails, SOE's set up a helpful FAQ to clarify the details.

Players on EverQuest's other servers shouldn't feel left out of the celebrations, as they'll be enjoying a double XP weekend from February 18th through the 21st. It is important to note that this XP bonus will not apply to the new progression servers. During the same weekend, SOE is marking down a number of items in the Marketplace for a President's Day sale. You can read more on this special weekend over at EverQuest Players.
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