Sprint tweet makes February 24th launch sound like Windows Phone 7 -- is the HTC 7 Pro ready?

Announced late last year, Sprint's version of the HTC 7 Pro has been stuck in a holding pattern (along with Verizon's Trophy) while waiting for Microsoft to wrap up its first big software update for Windows Phone 7, which includes copy and paste functionality along with -- you guessed it -- CDMA support. Steve Ballmer's keynote address at MWC last week nailed down said update for launch in the first part of March, which means that there shouldn't be much else holding up Sprint and Verizon from getting their first WP7 devices out of the door. A follow-up tweet to an earlier teaser posted on Sprint's official Twitter account says that a device being announced on February 24th "will have a hub for gaming, music, pictures, and video," which sounds an awful lot like Windows Phone 7's hubs to us -- and we're not aware of anything but the 7 Pro in Sprint's Microsoft-flavored pipeline, so it's starting to feel like a lock. Who's buying?