Trion Worlds posts RIFT's official server list

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.23.11

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Trion Worlds posts RIFT's official server list
With a little over a day until RIFT's head start kicks off the live version of the game, community anticipation is high for Trion World's dynamic brainchild. Players have been waiting for specific details of the list of server names and rulesets to pick their in-game home -- details that are now answered.

On the RIFT forums, Community Manager Abigale finally posted a full list of the servers available for the game's launch. The list includes 17 US and 12 European servers, associated with PvE, PvP, PvP-RP and RP types. The European servers also are categorized according to language: French, English and German.

The team is planning to release specific forums for each servers, but in the meanwhile you can check out the full list after the jump.

RIFT US Servers:
  • Belmont PvE
  • Briarcliff PvP
  • Byriel PvE
  • Deepstrike PvP
  • Faeblight RP
  • Gnarlwood PvE
  • Greybriar PvE
  • Keenblade PvE
  • Lotham PvP
  • Reclaimer PvP
  • Seastone PvP
  • Shadefallen RP
  • Shatterbone PvE
  • Snarebrush PvP
  • Spitescar PvP
  • Sunrest PVP-RP
  • Wolfsbane PvE
RIFT European Servers:
  • Akala DE RP
  • Brutwacht DE PvE
  • Trübkopf DE PvP
  • Argent EN RP
  • Blightweald EN PvE
  • Cloudborne EN PvP
  • Firesand EN PVP-RP
  • Icewatch EN PvE
  • Steampike EN PvE
  • Whitefall EN PvP
  • Brisesol FR PvE
  • Rubicon FR PvP
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