Leaked Windows Phone 7 ads challenge your phone head-to-head

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|02.23.11

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Leaked Windows Phone 7 ads challenge your phone head-to-head
Microsoft's slowed the pace of Windows Phone 7 ads after saturating the airwaves at launch, but it looks like another campaign is about to begin -- WinRumors has a leak of a new set of "Real Time Challenge" interactive web ads that challenge you to complete tasks using your phone against a WP7 device. Challenges include taking a photo and posting it to Facebook, checking Xbox achievements, getting directions, and telling meeting participants you're running late. Not surprisingly, the WP7 device performs handily at everything -- although we're definitely wondering why you'd be checking Xbox achievements in a hurry while on the run. WinRumors also says that the "Your Phone" image is just a placeholder that will be filled in by other devices in the final ads, so we'll see how MS decides to portray other platforms and their apps -- there's a lot of ways to do some of these things on Android and iOS devices. (And, sigh, we would note that "Update system software without fatal errors" is not a listed activity.) In any event, it's a clever ad idea -- check the video below.

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