TomTom's GO 2435 / 2535 PNDs get quiet teaser, we're left wondering what's new

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The very busy folks over at TomTom have just squeezed out two new sets of PNDs sporting touchscreens, voice recognition, and a "new, intuitive user interface," but despite the company's high profile on the GPS market, the GO 2435, which works a 4.3-inch screen, and the GO 2535, a 5-inch iteration, slipped out without much ado. Both PNDs come in three versions: the "T" series supports lifetime traffic updates, the "M" line offers lifetime map updates, and the "MT" edition features -- you guessed it -- lifetime traffic and map updates. Thus far, the basic specs resemble those of previous GO PNDs -- both tout Bluetooth calling, 4GB flash storage, and 3 hours of battery life -- leaving us to wonder what's up with this "new, intuitive user interface?" Among other things, TomTom is still mum on price and availability, which means we'll have to wait until they speak up to give you all the dirty details.
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