iPhonewzealand app proceeds donated to NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

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Many New Zealand-based Mac and iOS developers are rallying to help the city of Christchurch following its recent devastating earthquake. NZ-based tech blog iPhonewzealand is the latest to join in these efforts.

The site's old iPhone app has been withdrawn from the App Store, and in its place is an updated app with access to news, comments and forums on iPhonewzealand's site. iPhonewzealand focuses on local Kiwi developers and apps, too, so if you live in New Zealand and have an iPhone, this site and its app are a great resource.

Of particular interest to users outside of New Zealand, the app also contains iPhone carrier settings for New Zealand's mobile providers, streamlining the process of getting your iPhone working while you're visiting New Zealand.

The app is priced at US$1.99 (NZ$2.59) until the end of March. After Apple takes its 30 percent cut, all further proceeds go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross. In the wake of the recent earthquake in Christchurch, which sadly seems to be shaping up to be the worst natural disaster in New Zealand's history, every little bit of help counts. If you're in New Zealand and have an iPhone, this purchase is a no-brainer, and it's also a good purchase if you're an international iPhone user planning on visiting down here.

Citing its terms and conditions for the App Store, Apple forced iPhonewzealand to redact any mention on iTunes of its app's proceeds going to charity. Thankfully, Apple has no say on where the developer's profits go after the company takes its 30 percent off the top, so even though iPhonewzealand can't announce its charitable intentions on the App Store, we can still do so on the site's behalf.

If you're not interested in the iPhonewzealand app but would still like to donate to the New Zealand Red Cross and support its efforts to help the city of Christchurch in its time of need, you can do so directly at the Red Cross website.

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