Catwoman is on the prowl in a new DCUO video

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Catwoman is on the prowl in a new DCUO video
The February update in DC Universe Online is live! In addition to participating in the strange Valentine's Day event, players also have the option of hunting down Catwoman and finding out a bit more about her place in the overall DC Universe Online story. However, you'll have to be quick, as she's a finicky feline who isn't too fond of being curtailed during cat-burglaring.

The newest DCUO video from Sony Online Entertainment offers a better look at all the ways players can expect to encounter Catwoman in DC Universe Online. Players will race across the rooftops of Gotham in pursuit of her; as her story opens up, it'll be up to you to follow her into a strange museum instance. Upon arrival, you'll have to not only deal with a slew of cursed guards but eventually face off against a malevolent magical-Egyptian-artifact-empowered version of Catwoman. If PvE isn't your thing, you can work toward unlocking Catwoman for Legends PvP. Curious about more details on Catwoman's presence in the February update for DC Universe Online? Then quit pussy-footing around and check the video out behind the break!

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