Devil May Cry movie rights acquired by Screen Gems

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Devil May Cry movie rights acquired by Screen Gems
Screen Gems' last partnership with Capcom was a resounding success: the Resident Evil films have grossed over $580 million worldwide. It is undoubtedly looking to replicate that success with its latest acquisition, Devil May Cry.

Kyle Ward has been hired to write the script. Ward is currently unproven; his first feature-length script, Fiasco Heights, will debut later this year. In addition to Devil May Cry, Ward is also signed for another video game adaptation: Kane & Lynch. According to Variety, the film will feature Dante on a quest to "avenge his mother's murder by killing off demons."

Given the early status of the project, it's unclear if the film will be based on the classic games, or on Ninja Theory's upcoming reboot. Given Paul Anderson's creative freedom on the Resident Evil franchise, it's entirely possible that the Hollywood Dante will be an entirely original one, as well.

[Image credit: Jo Chen]
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