MSI Dual Pad concept eyes-on (video)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.28.11

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MSI Dual Pad concept eyes-on (video)
Complementing the integrated projector concept introduced at CES last month, MSI brought a new not-for-sale hottie to its CeBIT booth this week in the form of the Dual Pad, which is... well, literally two WindPads placed on top of one another. The idea is that the pads can be taken apart and used as two completely independent Windows 7 tablets when necessary -- "you and your girlfriend on a trip" was the example given to us during the press conference -- but when you piece them together, they become one mega-tablet capable of operating essentially as a single dual-screen netbook (a hingeless, permanently-open one). Again, it's a pure concept; there are no plans for commercialization that we could eke out, but we can't imagine it'd be cheap since you'd effectively be buying two complete tablets. Follow the break for video!

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