WAR shakes up the world with patch 1.4.1

After a few weeks in testing, Warhammer Online's 1.4.1 patch has hit the live servers today. Topping off the list of improvements to the game is a brand-new claim window, which was designed to handle the various account entitlements that players have accrued. This interface now replaces the in-game mail system as a way to deliver the special goodies that players have earned or purchased over the years.

Patch 1.4.1 is also aiming at shaking up the game with two major changes to the status quo. Several PvP armor sets are now much easier to attain, and in many instances they can be purchased at a lower level than before. This means that players will find themselves better-equipped to participate in the brutal hand-to-hand combat that the game offers.

WAR is also rotating its scenario lineup: Some scenarios have been called out of retirement, some have changed tiers, and some are being put in mothballs for the time being.

You can read the full 1.4.1 patch notes over at Warhammer Online.