World of Tanks game modes and grouping discussed in fourth tutorial video

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.01.11

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World of Tanks game modes and grouping discussed in fourth tutorial video
Curious about the game modes in's World of Tanks MMO? Look no further than the ongoing series of video tutorials detailing various aspects of the free-to-play title. The series covers everything from newbie acclimation, to fighting techniques, to progression systems, and today's fourth installment adds grouping and game modes to that list.

The default game mode in World of Tanks is called random battle mode, and just like the name suggests, it throws together random players on one of the game's extensive battle maps. Players can opt to join the fray solo, or form up into platoons or companies.

Platoons are groups of three players that function as a traditional "pre-made," and, depending on your skill and coordination, vastly improve your chances of walking away from the random battle mode on the winning side. Companies are groups of up to 15 tank drivers that enable a player to enter stand-alone battles against evenly matched companies for practice and profit. Forming platoons and companies requires a premium World of Tanks account, and you can learn more on the game's official site. Don't forget to watch the video after the cut!

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