One Shots: Drawing down

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One Shots: Drawing down
Due to its recent release, RIFT is definitely the overwhelming focus of screenshots in our One Shots mailbox of late. The nice thing about receiving so many images from a new game is the chance to see how the developers have handled different racial character models, such as the Dwarven girl in today's RIFT screenshot, which was sent into us by Melinda. So much for the "all Dwarves have beards and the ladies look the same as the men" concept! Melinda writes in:

"I took this shot of my little Dwarf Rogue, Natia, in the Guardian beginning zone, to show some friends how great RIFT's Dwarf girls are. Nevermind the doom, gloom, and destruction of poor Mathosia hanging around in the background -- her sheer awesomeness will take care of all that. Well, that plus her giant boar, who kindly tanked a random Defiant construct so that I could take this action shot."

From the newest titles to the oldest of old school, we love to see screenshots of all different MMO games. If you have some screenshots you've been saving, why not show them off? Just email them in to us here at aong with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post those screenshots out here and give you the credit for sending them in.
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