Phosphor Reveal wristwatch hands-on (and giveaway!)

It usually takes a very particular type of personality to buy a crystal-encrusted object of any sort, much less something that you'd drape across an exposed body part like your wrist. That said, the pure novelty of the movement in Phosphor's Reveal line of watches might be enough to change your mind: it uses some sort of patented black magic to flip between two different colors of crystals to form digits that indicate the time.

We've had a couple of the watches in our possession this week, so we're able to personally confirm the cool factor. What surprised us a bit is the amount of time it takes for digits to change: depending on how many crystals need to flip, we'd estimate it can take as long as a quarter second or so, because the crystals flip in sequence rather than all at once (perhaps to limit current draw). Like E Ink -- another one of Phosphor's specialties -- this "display" is bistable, meaning it'll stay put without any power consumption once a time is set. Of course, we don't know exactly how much power it takes to be flipping all these crystals every minute, so it's an open question how often you'll need to be replacing the coin cell. The most understated men's style is -- in our humble opinion -- simple enough to wear even if you can't stand the thought of donning dozens of Swarovski crystals, thanks in part to the fact that the bezel is a clean dark metal; of course, if you don't mind the crystals, Phosphor is happy to help you bling it up. Follow the break for some video of the watches in action!

Oh, we almost forgot: we're giving two of these away. Right now. Here's what you need to know!

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