Transportation secretary Ray LaHood: no restrictions (yet) on in-car information

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.09.11

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Transportation secretary Ray LaHood: no restrictions (yet) on in-car information
Worried that the fancy-schmancy SYNC system you just ordered up in your Mustang will soon be outlawed? Fret not, speed demon. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will reportedly not push for restrictions on handsfree phones or in-car technology until "the government conducts further research." There are generally two prevailing trains of thought: one feels that any type of calling -- be it handsfree or otherwise -- is a terrible distraction to the driver, while the other feels that properly integrated technology is safe enough for use on the road. As the story goes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating whether systems like SYNC post a "cognitive distraction," while some automakers suggest that motorists are going to goof off with their phone anyway -- might as well make it as safe as possible for 'em. Of course, things could change in short order once this so-called "research" gets finalized, but for now, feel free to request that your OnStar system read on to the next post. Your OnStar system can read Engadget, right?
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