Gamigo opens the news floodgates

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Gamigo opens the news floodgates
"Cry havoc, and unleash the titles of war" might as well be gamigo's cry, as today it has seen fit to give us what can only be termed as a new title news explosion. Aside from offering up an interesting tidbit on its upcoming space dogfighter, Black Prophecy, the company has released information on a handful of other new titles that should pique the interest of gamers who are looking for something beyond the standard free-to-play MMO fare. Better still, some of these titles will be available in-browser, helping to open up more "jump in and game" free-to-play options.

Grimlands offers something for players who have been waiting for a post-apocalyptic title that promises the ability to evolve their own playstyles -- and cities. UFO Online: Fight for Earth features a tactics-heavy browser-based MMO environment where players will battle against each other and enemy NPCs in a world overrun with gobsmackingly enormous amounts of aliens. Magic Campus offers adventure in a turn-based world where players build a powerful cadre of pets and mentor others in the ways of magic -- all in their browsers.

Sound intriguing? Join us behind the break for a first look at screenshots and video from these upcoming gamigo titles!

Black Prophecy

While players are currently able to play Black Prophecy only in open European beta, there are big plans on the horizon for this title. According to today's release, gamigo's intent is to launch Black Prophecy sometime later this year. On top of that, players will be able to step out of their ships and meet other players inside stations when the game's first major update hits sometime at the beginning of 2012.

For those who were wondering about the cash shop in Black Prophecy, the release gives another hint as to what the team is planning. Word is that players will have the option to purchase apartments in stations so that they can haul back all manner of interstellar loot and decorate their personal space with it. Clans will also have the option of purchasing a communal meeting area that will "feature a variety of clan management tools." For now, you can check out the newest screenshots of in-station action in our Black Prophecy gallery below.

Like the idea of a post-apocalyptic world, but dislike the idea of a class-based system? Well, how about the idea that your character will learn only by doing -- and perhaps more intriguingly, will forget when he stops doing something? Combine it with a free-to-play FPS, and this title may well perk up some ears. Grimlands will offer players the ability to build skills by repetition, an "almost limitless" crafting system allowing players to build everything from basic supplies to tricked-out modifiable vehicles, and even the ability to control and expand cities.

Players will have access to a full clan system offering ranks, an event calendar, and clan bases to help make sense of the dystopian madness. There will also be PvP features such as duels, arenas, and large battleground areas. For the PvE players, there will be numerous quests for soloers, groups, and even some location-based objectives. There's no word on a beta date, but players can sign up by heading to the Grimlands site -- after they've checked out the video and gallery below, of course!

UFO Online: Fight for Earth

Break out your tinfoil hats! In UFO Online: Fight for Earth, the year is 2025 and the world has been invaded by a nasty bunch of aliens. They've turned the worlds' governments into sock puppet regimes and are slowly mutating the human race into... things. Why? Heck if we know, but if you're really good at tactical thinking and hunger to find out the facts, UFO Online promises the the truth is indeed out there.

Developed using the Unity engine, this browser-based MMO will offer players the ability to train and control groups of mercenaries in an all-out strategic battle for the future of Earth. Three factions will battle it out in RvR action, and PvE mission running will help players get to the bottom of the mystery behind why the aliens have decided to show up in the first place. The opening story trailer and gallery below offer you some tantalizing clues, but you'll want to head over to the UFO Online site to sign up for beta if you're out to see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Magic Campus

It's not all darkness, death, doom, and dystopian dismemberment in this round of new titles. In fact, Gamigo has announced Magic Campus for those who love the idea of a bright, fun, magic-filled MMO that offers a little something more. While on the surface this game might seem similar to any other free-to-play JRPG-themed title, Magic Campus is entirely Flash-based, thereby making it a completely portable MMO with 120 levels of pet-chasing turn-based RPG fun set in a large, persistent world.

Aside from allowing gamers to play on just about any machine that can run Flash -- thus opening cross-platform compatibility -- Magic Campus will offer players a huge multi-tiered crafting system, gobs of quests, and a mentor system that rewards veteran players for helping newer players get their feet wet. So, if a kawaii browser-based world is your thing, check out the gallery full of screenshots and concept art below, then head for the Magic Campus site and sign up for a class in cute.
We'll definitely be keeping an eye out as more news comes out about these games. For now, pardon us -- we've suddenly got a few more betas to go sign up for.
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