Vindictus update adding PvP, new town, and a bunch of other stuff

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How would you like a bit of PvP, a new town, and new transformations to go along with your Vindictus dungeon-crawling? Nexon's newest update for the free-to-play actioner is coming later this month, and in addition to adding the town of Rocheste, the patch will also add a PvP system to the game.

The update, titled Rocheste Royal Cadets, will enable dungeon-based PvP via friend challenges and is the first of seven planned PvP-centric patches in the works. This month's update also brings a new storyline to Vindictus as well as a transformation ability that lets you choose the path of the Paladin or that of the Dark Knight. There's also a new bad guy in town, and as you might surmise from his name, Black Hammer carries a giant warhammer.

Finally, the Rocheste Royal Cadets update will add three new expertise skills: tailoring, armorsmithing, and goldsmithing. Check out all the upcoming goodies in a new video after the break.

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