HTC's Thunderbolt coming March 17th: survey says... yes!

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HTC's Thunderbolt coming March 17th: survey says... yes!
After being jilted on Valentine's Day, you'd think we would learn. But having tasted the goods, we couldn't help but get suckered in by every HTC Thunderbolt launch date rumor -- only to have our hopes dashed each time its release was inexorably pushed further and further back. Now, a leaked email and an HTC regional sales manager's tweet (whose account has subsequently been deleted) claim our lust for Verizon's first 4G handset will finally be quenched on March 17th. HTC posted on Facebook that the official launch date will be announced "soon, " and four days from now would certainly qualify. We just hope Best Buy and Big Red realize they face a legion of disappointed (and drunken) St. Patty's Day revelers should they delay Thunderbolt delivery day yet again. Let's hope the luck of the Irish finally gets us our LTE.

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