Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Dana Franklin
D. Franklin|03.20.11

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Bank app lets you pay bills with iPhone camera

Danske Bank App IconDanske Bank just made it easier to spend money. Banking customers can now pay bills with nothing more than a photo and a tap, boosting the convenience of online payments.

Danske Bank's official app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Once installed, users simply launch the app, snap a photo of the bill they wish to pay and press a confirmation button. The app uses the photograph to rapidly enter the details for a bill or electronic funds transfer, for example the amount due, payee name and account numbers, without forcing users to key in the information by hand. It's a welcome new feature for those of us with fat finger syndrome.

The updated app is the latest from the banking industry to find innovative uses for the cameras found in mobile devices. Both PayPal and Chase Bank offer mobile apps that allow users to deposit a check simply by photographing it with the iPhone's camera.

Although most of the app's features are custom built for Danske Bank's customers, the option to pay bills by photograph is enabled for clients of competing banks. Danske Bank offers instructions for setting up this feature on its website. The app, currently only available in Danish, is a free download from the App Store.

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