Bigpoint talks Drakensang Online

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.21.11

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Bigpoint talks Drakensang Online
Never heard of Drakensang? You're not alone, as the German-made CRPG from Radon Labs is a title that exists pretty far outside the mainstream occupied by the Dragon Ages, Fables, and Oblivions of the world. While it may end up falling short of household-name status, free-to-play MMO maker Bigpoint is nonetheless looking to bring the Drakensang saga to browsers everywhere.

Drakensang Online is being billed as an action RPG/MMORPG hybrid, and a recent Bigpoint press release makes numerous references to the speed of the battles as well as the quick and easy access afforded by the browser-only platform. Bigpoint is also highlighting the game's "endless customization options" and "profound and enthralling story." This last bit will be a departure from the source material, as critics generally found the original Drakensang narrative to be lacking when compared to the combat mechanics and the game's overall presentation.

You can read more about Drakensang Online at the official website, and don't forget to check out the game's teaser trailer after the cut.

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