Distimo finds higher prices, slower growth in the Mac App Store

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.21.11

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Distimo finds higher prices, slower growth in the Mac App Store

Distimo has released its latest publication, containing an overview of the various app stores currently running, and the findings about the Mac App Store are quite interesting. While Apple's newest App Store is not quite up to the speed of the mobile platform, it's growing quickly -- the average top 300 Mac application generates roughly half the revenue of a top 300 iPad app. And there are other encouraging stats: the Mac App Store's average price (US$11.21) is by far the highest of the three stores, with the iPhone down at $1.57 and the iPad at $4.19. Two months after launch, the Mac App Store has 2,225 applications, which is fewer than the iPad's 8,099 applications at the same point in its cycle, but don't forget that the iPad already had the iPhone app market pushing it on right away at launch.

Other interesting stats: the Mac App Store consists of 29 percent games, and in the most popular applications, 39 percent are games, which flies in the face of conventional wisdom that says there's no market for games on the Mac. Only 12 percent of the apps on the Mac App Store are free -- less than any other Apple platform.

Finally, and perhaps most interesting, 17 percent of the developers of the top 300 apps on Apple platforms do publish their apps in more than one app store, either in Mac and iOS or on another platform. That means Apple's top developers are reaching out to other platforms -- but only 17 percent of them. For the other side, more than 80 percent of Apple's top developers, the Apple platform is the only one they're releasing their apps on. You can download the whole report over on Distimo's site.

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