Geohot's lawyer responds to Sony's South America accusations

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Geohot's lawyer responds to Sony's South America accusations
Yesterday, the ballad of hacker George "Geohot" Hotz and his ongoing legal struggle with Sony took a bizarre turn, when the latter claimed Hotz had hampered "jurisdictional discovery" by removing parts of his overturned hard drives, and is currently avoiding trial in South America. Recently, Hotz' legal counsel Stewart Kellar responded to these claims, explaining, "The notion that George has fled the country is absurd."

Kellar added, "George is in South America to see a friend, on a trip he planned before this lawsuit ever began." With regards to the claim that Hotz had sabotaged the hard drives he turned over to Sony, Kellar said Sony is "using intentionally ambiguous language" to turn public opinion against Hotz. "The 'components' SCEA is talking about are hard drives' controller cards," he said, claiming that they had been supplied to the prosecutor.

We've once again contacted Sony for a response (to this response), but given their policy for not commenting on legal issues, we won't bother crossing our fingers.
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