Unnamed investor pulls its financial support for JoWooD

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Unnamed investor pulls its financial support for JoWooD
Things aren't looking too terribly bright for Vienna-based publisher JoWooD Productions. Helmut Platzgummer, the firm in charge of the struggling company's insolvency, revealed that an unnamed investor has pulled out its interest in the company. That's not necessarily a death knell -- according to the Austrian Independent, two other investors are interested in keeping the studio afloat. (We're guessing they're really big Painkiller fans.)

Perplexingly, the publisher also announced that its upcoming expansion to Gothic 4, Fall of Setarrif, had been cancelled due to "legal uncertainty" with its own business development manager Stefan Berger. The publisher explained in a press release, "It's uncertain whether the game can be released onto the market in its current form." We hope that JoWooD can figure out some solutions for its problems, whether they be financial, legal or otherwise.
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