GodsWar Online talks pet system in new dev blog

Pets are on their way to GodsWar Online, and the IGG team has a new dev blog designed to give players a preview of the upcoming content. Unlike the pet systems in most MMOs, every creature in GodsWar will be tamable -- yes, even those terrifying medusa and hydra bosses (that said, due to the size of some of the game's critters, player pet versions will be necessarily scaled down).

IGG also plans to add new pets to the game to compliment existing monsters, including the cerberus, griffin, tyrannosaurus, and more. GodsWar will also boast new pet talents and skills, and you can read the full dev diary after the cut. While you're at it, don't forget to peruse our GodsWar gallery for the latest screenshots.

Since we introduced pets to GodsWar Online, players have become increasingly passionate about what makes a perfect pet, how to get them, and even bragging about their own. As pets have quickly grown so important to the players and the game alike, we've been working hard on improving the pets released so far and introducing new pets that give players even more choices when it comes to finding that perfectly loyal companion. Since so many players have been wondering what's next, we figured it was only fair to throw you all a few bones about what we're working on.

Sometimes badder is definitely better, so we're planning to make all creatures in the game tamable, even gigantic bosses like Medusa and Hydra. As cool as it will be to tame one of these tough bosses and bend them to your will, just imagine what it will be like when this new pet fights for you using a powerful spell that has tortured you in the past. Naturally these pets won't be physically as big as the creatures they started out as. After all, if everyone's pets were that large, they'd blot out the sun in any high-population area. Still, we think you'll have a blast finding and taming just the right creature for your needs.

Besides existing creatures, we will also be introducing some new pets. In fact, there will be many more strange faces than old familiar ones among the pets you'll be seeing. Wait until you get a look at the cerberus, griffin, tyrannosaurus and more. Like the bosses, even the most ferocious beasts will end up being rather cute and mild, because you'll want them to be docile enough to take orders and become a steadfast companion rather than mindlessly destroying everything they pass. If you prefer the more delicate-looking creatures, don't worry; they'll be just as cuddly as ever.

We're not just expanding the number of available pets. We're also adding new pet talents and pet skills. Pets will play an even greater role in the game as the system evolves, which means we must be careful to consider a number of issues as we design pet talents and skills, particularly when it comes to balance. This won't happen overnight, but stay tuned for more exciting news as we start revealing more details. In the meantime, we want your suggestions and opinions about pets and the pet system. We need your help to keep improving GodsWar Online, so don't forget to log in and take your pet out to play. After all, we can only make it fun for you if you tell us what works. Enjoy!