Evigroup debuts Windows-based SmartPaddle tablet

It hasn't been all that long since France's Evigroup upgraded its "Paddle" tablet the Paddle Pro, but it's now already back with another model: the SmartPaddle. This one packs the same Atom N450 processor as before, along with an 11.6-inch capacitive screen, 2GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, WiFI and 3G connectivity, and Windows 7 for an OS -- plus a Microsoft Arc keyboard, apparently. You'll also get the same head-tracking capabilities seen on the Paddle Pro, as well as a new 3D interface for Windows dubbed "Scale," which promises to make things a bit more tablet-friendly. Head on past the break for a video, and look for the tablet itself to set you back a hefty €1,290 (or about $1,820).

[Thanks, WMax]

SmartPaddle by nruiz