Rumor: A new Ultima MMO might be in the works

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.31.11

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Rumor: A new Ultima MMO might be in the works
The modern era of MMOs began in 1997 with a little game called Ultima Online, and it's fair to say that the genre would look very different if that first example hadn't gone live. These days, outside of a dedicated playerbase and stalwart fans, the game is no longer at the center of attention. But there are a lot of players who still remember it fondly as an introduction to the field... and there are hints here and there that it might be time for a sequel to the game that started it all.

It's a known fact that Paul Barnett has been hinting at a secret project that is quite possibly an RPG, and it's also no secret that Electronic Arts is recruiting for an MMO programmer at its Redwood location. The company has also stepped up defending its trademarks for the Ultima franchise of late, which leads to a bit of interesting speculation. Could it be time for Ultima Online to get a sequel and a new generation of players, a project which has been started and stopped twice before? There's surely something happening behind the scenes...
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