Sony's NC-13 buds cancel noise, RF865 cans transmit across a football field

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|03.30.11

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Sony's NC-13 buds cancel noise, RF865 cans transmit across a football field
Given the one-size-fits-few nature of most audio products, it's good to have choices, and Sony happens to have two new pairs of headphones designed for very particular segments of your life. If, say, you're a traveling music lover who doesn't happen to have the disposable income to obtain Sony's premium $300 MDR-NC300D noise canceling buds (which the company claims filter out 99 percent of noise), you'll find a cheaper alternative in the new $70 MDR-NC13, which only make a estimated 87.4 percent of background distractions go bye-bye. C'est la vie. If, on the other hand, you need to throw sound from one end of your mansion to the other for hours on end, the MDR-RF865RK wireless headphones might be the wide receiver you've been dreaming of -- Sony claims they'll play audio up to 100 meters away from their dock, which provides up to 25 hours of playtime after a 3.5 hour charge. No price or availability for the wireless cans, which were just announced in the UK, but you'll find the NC-13 on sale at Sony's online store right now. PR after the break.
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Tuesday 29th March 2011

Go the distance with headphones by Sony: MDR-RF865RK wireless headphone and MDR-NC13 noise cancelling in-ear travel headphones

MDR-RF865RK: wireless headphone system with stylish recharging dock and 100m range
MDR-NC13: noise cancelling in-ear travel headphones with long 100hr* battery life

* With alkaline battery (headphone supplied with manganese battery)

Two new headphones from Sony let you enjoy your favourite sounds where and when you want to.

MDR-RF865RK wireless headphone system

With a transmission range up to 100m, the MDR-RF865RK wireless headphone system lets you enjoy rich, immersive sound anywhere in the house. Light and comfortable to wear, it's an ideal companion for watching TV, listening to the radio or playing video games without disturbing others – and with no clutter from extra wires.

40mm driver units ensure smooth, rich audio with a deep bass response, while wireless interference noise is reduced for a clear, transparent listening experience.

It's easy to set sound levels with the headphone's conveniently-mounted volume control. This saves you the trouble of getting up to adjust volume on your TV, radio or music player.

When it's not being used, just rest the MDR-RF865RK on its elegant charging dock. The headphone recharges in just 3.5 hours, with no need to fiddle with power leads. With its rechargeable batteries fully charged, you'll enjoy a generous 25 hours uninterrupted listening time. The headphone also turns off automatically to save power when it's placed back in its charging dock.

MDR-NC13 noise cancelling headphones

Ideal for music-loving travellers, the new MDR-NC13 immerses you in a blissful world of unspoiled, crystal-clear sound.

The noise cancelling design reduces ambient noise by approximately 87.4%, cutting out background distractions if you're on the bus or in the air. The closed-type vertical in-ear design combines superb sound quality with excellent wear comfort.

The headphone's energy-efficient design provides plenty of battery stamina for the daily commute or longer trips away from home. While the MDR-NC13 comes supplied with a manganese battery, a single AAA alkaline battery (not supplied) boosts listening time to a full 100 hours.

The new MDR-RF865RK wireless headphone system and MDR-NC13 noise cancelling in-ear headphones from Sony are available from April 2011.
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