Amazon said to be considering NFC-based mobile payment service

As you may be aware, Amazon does actually already make it easier for you to shop at places other than with its Amazon Payments service, and it now looks like it might even be thinking about expanding things to brick and mortar stores as well. More specifically, Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is exploring a mobile payment service based on NFC technology, which would let you pay for items and receive things like loyalty points using nothing other than an NFC-equipped cellphone. Not surprisingly, Amazon is also said to be considering some other features that would send folks back to -- Bloomberg gives the example of someone shopping for jeans in a retail store who can't find the right size, and says that they could simply scan the jean's tag to order a pair online. Details are otherwise a bit light, and the service is apparently still not quite a sure thing, although a person familiar with the matter says Amazon will decide whether to go forward with it or not "in the next three to five months."