Full-on electric drum kit shoved within a pair of jeans, subway musicians celebrate (video)

It's a natural progression, really. Way back in the heyday that was 2008, we saw a fully-functional keyboard worked into a pair of jeans. Three years later, those characters have morphed into something far more raucous. The University of Hull's own Aseem Mishra has just nabbed an prized engineering award for his recent musical work -- specifically, for integrating eight sensors into an otherwise ordinary set of trousers. For now, the wearer has to connect their legs into a speaker-filled backpack in order to be heard, but he's working on a wireless version that'll transmit to far larger sound systems. There's also hope that version 2.0 will include more sensors for more sounds, and if a manufacturer decides to start shoving these into your local Hot Topic, we're guessing they'll be available in a rainbow's worth of hues. Vid's below for those who'd fancy having a listen themselves.