Good news for Australians: Apple drops iPod prices

Apple often charges more for products sold outside of the US, but with the Australian dollar coming over parity with the value of the US dollar (currently less than a four cent differential), the company has reduced Australian prices of the entire iPod line.

The 160 GB iPod classic was reduced A$30 from $329 to $299.

The 8 GB iPod touch was cut $30 from $289 to $259, and the 32 GB version was lowered $29 bringing it from $378 to $349. The 64 GB model was slashed a full $50 taking it from $499 to $449, which is the largest price decrease in the line. The smallest price decrease was only $4, lowering the iPod shuffle from $69 to $65.

The iPod nano 8 GB is down $20 from $199 to $179, and the 16 GB version was lowered only $10 from $229 to $219. Perhaps it's a slow seller in Australia.

I really hope that Apple has taken to heart the ebbs and flows of the US dollar as compared to other currencies and will follow suit in other countries.