Massively's April Fools' Day [adjective] roundup

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Massively's April Fools' Day [adjective] roundup
The favorite day of the year for anyone named April has [verb ending in ed] the internet, making some web surfers [emotion] and others [emotion]. In [adjective] Massively fashion, we felt it best to gather all this news [adverb]. After all, what would an event be without a [adjective] Massively roundup?

World of Warcraft [past tense verb] not just one internet prank but four for the [plural noun] of BattleNet. Turbine invited its [plural noun] to be the broccoli for [adjective] race in Dungeons and Dragons Online. The [plural title] of Star Wars: The Old Republic did not want to leave the Wookiee [plural noun] from playing their [adjective] game, so they created a Shyriiwook interface for all those [adjective] people. However, the prank that takes the [food] has to be ArenaNet's new Guild Wars 2 class, the Commando; Anet created [adjective] videos complete with jiggle physics and placed helicopters into the current Guild Wars game.

After the cut, we have [past tense verb] all the [adjective] pranks in this year's batch of favorite MMOs. Now you won't have to [verb] around the internet to find them yourself! But if you do [verb] something not on our list, let us know in the comments.
Dungeons and Dragons Online is choppin' the Broccoli class
If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be a vegetable, then you you will want to play this stunning new class from DDO. Watch out for the celery.
EVE's Incarna mounts up!
Every other game has mounts, and since soon players will be able to walk aboard stations in EVE, it is only fitting that they not walk at all. I'm confused.
The Secret Word tells us its secret fantasy
Do you want to know what the real secret of the Secret World is? It really wants to be a fantasy game. Go find out what that's about from the game's producers.
World of Warcraft gets a little crabby helper, dungeon, and patch
BattleNet knew how much you loved the paper clip helper from the Microsoft Word programs in the '90s, so now the team has added it to BattleNet. Neat, huh? He really wants to be your friend. He will help you in the new Tomb of Immortal Darkness instance.
Guild Wars goes Commando and Krytan. Guild Wars shows how supportive it is.
To show off how action-oriented it is, Guild Wars 2 has introduced the Commando class, and to show how progressive the team is, the wiki is now written in New Krytan and its "support policies" have been updated.
Star Wars: The Old Republic get a hair ball in its throat.
The tall furry ones are always left out of the loop -- no one understands them! Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic understands the Wookiees' plight. The team is updating the game to help bridge the language gap.
Wizard 101 brings back the '60s in its petshops
We know you wanted them when you were a kid... or before you were born. Now you can have a pet rock of your own. Neato!
Forsaken World introduces a sparkly new class
We all know whose team you're on: Team Edward. Check out the new more gorgeous class in Forsaken World -- now with 20% more sparkle.
Star Wars Galaxies admits to being foolish
Dr. Fool's shop has some issues. He needs your help! Jump into Star Wars Galaxies to find out what is going on.
Puzzle Pirates goes where no pirate has gone before
Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Puzzle Prize... to seek out new life... and new civilizations... to speak... with unnecessary... pauses... to boldly go were no pirate has gone before!
Pocket Legends goes out to pasture.
Forget swords and sorcery! The farm is where all the action is. Take a look at this new MMO from the makers of Pocket Legends!
Dark Age of Camelot changes its game completely.
It's never too late to change your game, right? Dark Age of Camelot shows us exactly how to revamp everything without making your playerbase mad.
Global Agenda welcomes us to the jungle.
By popular demand, a new jungle patch has been added to your favorite MMO third-person shooter. Welcome to the jungle, baby! You're going to die!
Firefall can now be clean-shaven
At the end of the world when humanity is on the brink of extinction, who is going to keep everyone's hair fancy? The Groomer! Welcome Firefall's latest battleframe!
Runes of Magic's 3.0.DTOID patch incoming
Frogster understands that players are overwhelmed by all the customization options in RoM. That's why the team has helpfully streamlined character creation by giving players one choice -- the Mr. Destructoid head.
LEGO Universe gives us a telling exposé on Bob the LEGO guy.
We all know Bob is helpful to us in the LEGO Universe. He doesn't even look at our password, but what are his real motivations? Can we really trust this bald man made of bricks?
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