Final Fantasy XI's annual egg hunt returning for another year

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.06.11

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Final Fantasy XI's annual egg hunt returning for another year
Having returned from its temporary shutdown, Final Fantasy XI is ready to herald the spring with a time-honored event. The newest incarnation of the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza is due to hit the live servers on April 12th, and as always the announcement comes fresh with a bit of fictional flavor. If you haven't been sufficiently creeped out by the ubiquitous and somewhat domineering moogles yet... well, the story of what it's like preparing eggs for the event will probably push you over the edge, even though it's meant to just be amusing.

As always, the celebration allows players to collect letter-emblazoned eggs, with the overarching goal to assemble a number of meaningful letter combinations. Each player must start by assembling the first three letters of his or her character's name... but there are many more combinations that can be unlocked, forcing enterprising players to trade in new eggs to the festival moogle in hopes of more letter-branded eggs. Final Fantasy XI players are likely quite familiar with the mechanics by this time, but who can resist alphabetic egg hunts?
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