Duke Nukem: Critical Mass trailer skips the PSP version for good reason

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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass trailer skips the PSP version for good reason
After a mysterious quiet period (which is totally uncharacteristic for a Duke Nukem game), Deep Silver and Apogee are planning to release Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for DS this week in Europe and next month in North America. You can see it in action in the trailer after the break, and, well ... it looks like a thoroughly humiliating experience, narrated by Jon St. John.

Surprisingly, the press release accompanying the trailer says that the PSP version is coming out at the same time -- but Deep Silver informs us that it was actually canceled. So if you're in Europe and in line for Critical Mass on PSP ... go home.

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7th April 2011 – Hampshire, UK /... Deep Silver has released the international trailer for Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, released on 8th April for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

The King of Action is back and ready to kick some ass! Duke's original nemesis, Proton, is back and has unified all those who have opposed Duke in the past. The Earth Defense Force attempts to ensure the Earth's continued security by transporting Duke into the future. Ironically, just moments after Duke's departure, Proton launches a devastating attack on Earth!

Get the full Duke experience as you guide him through a world invaded by aliens. Save earth and of course all babes with blazing guns....or sometimes just a well placed kick of your mighty boot.
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