Streets of Rage Remake taken down

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Streets of Rage Remake taken down
A week ago, we advised you to download Streets of Rage Remake as soon as possible. Over the weekend, developer Bomber Games removed the download for the expansive PC tribute, apparently at Sega's request, proving that we have incredible powers of foresight.

All download links have been removed from the website and forum, with moderator charco saying that " SEGA have contacted regarding the download hosted on this site," asking users not to upload the file elsewhere, and stating that the team won't discuss the issue further on the forums.

According to "Bomberlink," the team did attempt to square the game with Sega's legal department last year, well in advance of the release -- though it doesn't appear to have helped. We've put an inquiry in with Sega to find out the current status of the game. Will it be back on the streets, or should we begin raging now?
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