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Avid offers $995 crossgrade to Media Composer for Final Cut users

Chris White
Chris White|@chrisWhite|April 12, 2011 1:00 AM

Are you a Final Cut Studio user? Have you looked at Avid Media Composer and wished you could afford it? Regardless of whether you feel Media Composer is better or worse than Final Cut Pro, it's still a popular editing platform that brings not only prestige but also the potential to pick up more work from clients that want or need their editors to be using Avid.

If you're in that camp, now might be the perfect time to add Media Composer to your toolbox. Until June 17, Avid is offering a staggering crossgrade deal to Final Cut Pro users: US$995 for the boxed version. While that may still seem expensive, it's a huge discount from the regular $2,495 price for the boxed edition (or $2,295 for download only).

While this could just be a fantastic sale to entice FCP users to join the Avid family, we have to wonder if Avid is pointedly responding to Apple taking over the Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet this year and unceremoniously kicking Avid and other sponsors out. After all, Avid did remark to ProVideo Coalition that "Apple doesn't want anyone to have stage time but them."

Whether out of pure benevolence, a strong marketing move or a little payback, users wanting to pick up a license have a delightful opportunity right now.