Blizzard and Epic Weapons' weaponsmithing fan art contest winners announced

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|04.12.11

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Blizzard and Epic Weapons' weaponsmithing fan art contest winners announced
Blizzard and Epic Weapons' weaponsmithing fan art contest tasked talented WoW enthusiasts with crafting and building life-size replicas of their favorite World of Warcraft weapons. Categories included Best Dagger, Best Mace, Best Sword, Best Ranged, and Best of the Rest. The entries are phenomenal, but that's a given for how talented the WoW playerbase is.

Weaponsmithing Fan Art contest winners announced
The final results are in!Participants were asked to create a full-sized weapon replica of their choice (based on an in-game item from World of Warcraft).

Winners were selected based on accuracy and creativity.

Prize Information

Grand Prize: Winner receives one (1) Frostmourne Replica Sword with Ice Shard display stand ($629 value).

Five (5) Finalist Prizes (one for each category): Winners receive a $50 Epic Weapons gift certificate, awarded for the following categories:

Best Dagger • Best Mace • Best Sword

Best Ranged • Best of the Rest

Check out the winning entries!

The Grand Prize was awarded to a fan replica of Journey's End, a feral druid's dream drop from Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King. Best Mace went to Guiding Star, battle rattle of the Titans. Best Sword went to a wonderful replication of the Ashbringer, famed sword of the only paladin known to Ice Block. Thori'Dal took home the Best Ranged category, while Crux of the Apocalypse grabbed the Best Dagger win. Finally, the Best of the Rest prize went to a great recreation of Vanir's Left Fist of Brutality.

It's really nice to see so many wins for Sunwell Plateau, since its design was so freaking awesome. Check out all of the winning replicas, pictures and all, at Epic Weapons.

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