Star Trek Online posts the latest Engineering Report

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.16.11

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Star Trek Online posts the latest Engineering Report
Season 4 for Star Trek Online is still without an ETA, but it's getting closer with each passing day. As the latest Engineering Report states, it's being worked on by the development team with vigor along with several other projects for the game. And while the next major patch obviously contains the lion's share of big content additions, the recent launch of the Foundry has certainly helped matters. But there's more to be done, not just for player-generated content but for the game as a whole, and as in months past the report seeks to outline what's near release, being worked on, or being discussed.

Playable fighter craft are on the table for testing, along with more Gorn customization options and visitable planets within the Sol system. Further on down the line, the report lists plans for another ground combat revision including an over-the-shoulder mode as well as persistent zones for player tutorials. Star Trek Online players should take a gander at the full rundown of features in development, enough content and system adjustments to make anyone look forward to the future.
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