Account creation opens wide for Super Hero Squad Online

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.16.11

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Account creation opens wide for Super Hero Squad Online
Shh... don't say "open beta" around these superheroes, but it looks as though Super Hero Squad Online may be doing the next best thing. The ultra-cute, ultra-powerful Marvel MMO is now accepting accounts from everyone -- even that supervillain down the street. Previously, you needed a beta code to get a sneak peek at the game, but it looks as though that barrier's been smashed by lil' Hulk.

Super Hero Squad Online also has moved its secret website lair to, which is where you'll need to go to create your own preview account. Currently, all players are assigned a silver-level membership, which limits you to four heroes, although gold-level memberships are on the way.

Along with the website move and open accounts, SHSO has added additional heroes (such as War Machine and Silver Surfer), new daily missions, a tutorial, and improved safe chat. Gazillion says that the game is up and running 24/7 now, so you have plenty of time to see what's what!
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