RockMelt adds iPhone app for social browsing

Chris Ward
C. Ward|04.20.11

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RockMelt adds iPhone app for social browsing

RockMelt is launching an iOS version of its browser with built-in social networking functions, offering automatic syncing between desktop and portable versions.

This automation, company founder Eric Vishria says, is what differentiates their browser from other offerings. "We're not going for the power users, the ones who already know how to customize a browser," he says. Instead they're aiming at the vast majority of users who just want to get on reading what interests them instead of tweaking settings.

Following the termination of Flock, RockMelt looks to be going from strength to strength, and the new mobile version can only help its progress, especially with the automatic syncing of bookmarks, contacts and settings.

The app hasn't been approved by Apple yet, but it's expected that it will be available by the end of this week.

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